Уголок иврита и песен - פינת עברית ושירים

Изучение иврита для русскоязычных - לימודי עברית לדוברי רוסית

Прекрасные песни о любви - שירי אהבה נהדרים

Originally, I created these pages for my Love to help her to learn Hebrew and Israeli culture. The songs are carefully choosen to have texts good for learning and represent varied music styles. All songs are great, and I love to sing them. You may like them too.

All text-based content on these pages including scripts, translation and transcription are (C) Mikhael Goikhman. You may freely copy, change and redistribute it (scripts under the terms of GNU GPL, and texts are in public domain). The audio files are not redistributable, they are only provided as an accompaniment for russian spoken students to aid in studying Hebrew.