axp triggers [subcommand] [options]


run commands for new revisions


-h, --helpdisplay this help message and exit


axp triggers helplist all 'axp triggers' subcommands
axp triggers addadd a new trigger
axp triggers deletedelete a trigger from the watch list
axp triggers editchange the command to be executed for new revisions
axp triggers listlist defined triggers
axp triggers movechange the limit of a trigger
axp triggers processcheck registered limits for new revisions
To see a list of available subcommands, run:

    axp triggers help
This is an implementation of a new-arch-revision notification
(sometimes also refered to as commit notification) system.  It
enables to easily define a list of limits (versions, branches,
categories or archives) to watch, and periodically check this
list for new revisions.

Every limit has an associated command that is run once for
every new revision in that limit.  It is usually used to send
an email containing a changelog-like entry for every new

Run 'axp triggers add LIMIT' to add new trigger,
and 'axp triggers list' to list all defined triggers.
Then place 'axp triggers process --quiet' to crontab.