axp triggers add [options] limit [slave_limit ...]


add a new trigger


-h, --helpdisplay this help message and exit
-e, --email EMAIL_ADDRuse EMAIL_ADDR in standard send-mail action
-p, --plainuse plain-log-style rather than changelog-style
-a, --action SHELL_CMDset SHELL_CMD to be the action (experts only)
-E, --editinvoke editor to tweak default action
-S, --no-skipdo not skip all already existing revisions
-m, --master MASTERlink parameter limits to MASTER (limit or number)
-v, --var VAR=VALUEset user vars: -v LABEL=prj1 -v
-q, --quietbe quiet
Add a new trigger for LIMIT parameter.  LIMIT may be an arch
archive, category, branch or version.

If you use --edit option, this will open an editor where you can
enter commands that will be executed whenever a new revision is
detected in LIMIT.  Revisions that already exist by the time the
trigger is created will not cause the commands to be executed,
unless you add the --no-skip option.

The default commands send changelog for every new revision to
your local account or the one specified in --email option.

You can change the commands and variables later using 'edit'
command.  You may view all trigger data using 'list' command.

With --master, do not create its own action for a new trigger,
but share it with the action of already existing master trigger.
So, 'add lim1 lim2' is just 'add lim1; add --master lim1 lim2'.

	axp triggers add --email,