Welcome to AXP

axp stands for Arch eXtension Platform, it is a modular command line tool extending GNU Arch functionality.

Version 0.2.1 is available for download, see NEWS.

Some useful commands

axp changelog
Create changelog for the current tree version in the stardard format, like this ChangeLog or this ChangeLog.
axp triggers add lord@emf.net--2005/tla--devo
Define commit notification of tla development (using email or similar). [more]
axp annotate -f '%-10*10username %9age|%line' doc/README
Show doc/README annotation using custom format. [more]
axp history --desc --full doc/README
Show doc/README history, all revisions that touched this file (or dir).
axp registry list --locations
List all known world-wide archives with their locations.
axp registry find --versions --locations lord@
List all archives with their locations and all versions authored by Tom Lord.
axp registry find '' '^archway--'
List all archives with archway category in them.
axp fork archive/cat--brn--0
Fork (branch) the tree in-place; all archive components are created if needed.
axp fork --copy ../new-cat cat--brn--0
Fork tree in the separate dir; all precious files and changes are preserved.
axp revlib prune --all
Prune all revisions from revision library (or libraries).
axp revlib prune --size 2Mb --verbose
Keep revision library at 2Mb (non hard linked).