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Did you ever wonder why the Rubik's Cube may be rotated in all 3 axes and still does not fall apart? How about the 9x9x9 version? Brain-twisters, especially twisty puzzles, always magically attract me for their mathematical beauty.

I currently own about 500 twisty puzzles and over 100 sliding puzzles. Here is an example sample.

[puzzle collection picture]

If you like these pearls, you should definitely visit Jaap Puzzles site, containing information and solutions on hundreds of puzzles.

There is/was a nice page with solutions for Rubik-like puzzles. I have a mirror of it, since pages on the internet tend to come and go.

[5x5x5 cube picture]

On unix, xlock and xscreensaver do a lot of fun, including puzzle scrambling and solving, for example, run the following commands:

% xlock -mode rubik
% /usr/X11R6/lib/xscreensaver/rubik -root