axp tree annotate [options] file


show descriptions of ancestry revisions from logs


-h, --helpdisplay this help message and exit
-R, --revision REVfetch REV first as tmp tree or new DIR
-d, --dir DIRcd to DIR first
-r, --reversesort from oldest to newest
-s, --summaryshow summary of each revision
-c, --creatorshow creator of each revision
-D, --dateshow date of each revision
-V, --no-revsdo not append revision descriptions at all
-S, --no-descdo not assume the default -Dcs and auto -n
-F, --no-fullshow short revision names
-n, --filenameshow historical file names (default: auto)
-E, --no-emaildon't show email of creator
-a, --full-historylist revisions that didn't add current lines too
-o, --one-versiondon't follow tags from other versions
-P, --no-progressdon't show progress even if stderr is tty
-L, --no-linesdon't show file lines, just revisions
-l, --linenums ARGlimit to line number(s), like: 12-24,50,75-
-m, --match RElimit to lines matching RE, like '^sub '
-U, --no-unan-linesdon't show unannotated lines
-H, --highlightsyntax-highlight the lines using markup
-g, --groupgroup lines (annotate once per group)
--delim ARGspecify delimiter (default: " | ")
-f, --format ARGspecify format (default: "%num%delim%line")
-N, --show-linenumsprepend "%linenum: " to format
-C, --cvs-f "%0revision (%-8*8username %10*~10date): %line" -V
Produce annotated output of the given tree file, similarly to
"cvs annotate", with a thorough configurability.

All file lines are printed to stdout, prefixed by index of
revision that last modified the line, and the indexed
revision descriptions follow the file content.

The options and the format of revision descriptions are
similar to 'axp history' command, but the default is --desc.

The format of the annotated lines is configurable using options
--show-linenums, --no-email, --highlight, --group, --delim D,
--cvs and --format F.  The available format variables are:
    %num      - padded revision number (1 is normally the latest)
    %delim    - delimiter
    %line     - plain or highlight'd line
    %linenum  - padded line number starting with 1
    %groupnum - padded group number starting with 1
    %revision, %version, %name, %summary, %date, %age, %filename,
    %creator, %email, %realname, %realname1, %realname2, %username
The available width specifiers for any format variables:
    %10var  %-10var  - left (right) pad with up to 10 spaces
    %*20var %*-20var - cut at 20 first (last) characters
    %-10*-20var      - use 20 last characters, padded to at least 10
    %~var  %~-10var  - strip surrounding spaces from the value
    %*~8var  %*8var  - just cut at 8, or cut at 5 with ellipsis "..."