axp revlib prune [options]


remove revlib revisions using one or another algo


-h, --helpdisplay this help message and exit
-n, --number ARGleave ARG revisions, prune all others
-s, --size ARGleave ARG bytes, prune other revisions
-a, --allprune all revisions
-t, --testdo not actually remove anything
-v, --verbose ARGbe more verbose
-q, --quietbe quiet
-o, --sort ARGsort by ARG, see below
-r, --reversereverse sorted revision list
Revision libraries are very handy, but occupy disk space.
It may be useful to keep the library of the constant size.

One of the options --number, --size, --all should be given.

Names of the revision fields to be used in the weighted sort:
	default|quasi-time, time|mtime, ctime, atime,
	btime (cache beginning time), name, size, random

	# keep the size of revision library at 50Mb at most 
	axp revlib prune --size 50MB

	# keep at most 100 recent revisions in revision library
	axp revlib prune --number 100 --quiet

	# don't actually remove, list revisions to be pruned
	axp revlib prune --number 40 --test --verbose

	# a fancy way to report the number of library revisions
	axp revlib prune --test --all --sort random -v -v

More examples:
	axp revlib prune --size 2GB --sort name --reverse
	axp revlib prune -s 2GB -o time -v -v

This command may be run hourly or daily from a cronjob, like:
	14 0/3 * * * /path/to/axp revlib prune -q -n 2000
	14 1/3 * * * /path/to/axp revlib prune -q -s 5GB
	14 2/3 * * * /path/to/axp revlib cleanup -q

The exit status is 0 if any directories to be cleaned up are
found, and 1 otherwise.