axp registry find [options] archive_re [version_re]


find archives and optionally branches by regexp


-h, --helpdisplay this help message and exit
-l, --locationsinclude archive locations
-v, --versionsinclude archive versions
Currently, provides a mirror for most of the
public free software Arch archives. It provides a kind of the
registry de-facto.

This command searches the supermirror using regular expressions
and lists all matched archives, and optionally their locations,
and optionally all their versions.

archive_re is a regular expression for archive,
like 'tom' or '.*tom.*lab' or '^tomlord@' or ''.

version_re is a regular expression for category/branch/version,
like 'archway' or '^archway--.*--0' or '.*perl\b'.

archive_re may include a slash, in this case, it is taken as a
separator for archive_re and version_re, like 'gnuarch.*/tla--'.