axp man [options] [Arch::Class]


show manual pages of modules, like man(1)


-h, --helpdisplay this help message and exit
-f, --format ARGproduce another format: man/raw/text/html/pod
-p, --pager ARGuse alternative pager (less -e)
-o, --output FILEwrite to FILE rather than stdout
Show or dump the documentation of axp and perl modules.
Supported formats are: "man" (this is the default, invokes a
pager), "raw" (raw man format), "text", "html", "pod".

The --pager option only applies to the "man" format.
The --output option only applies to any non "man" format.

Without Arch::Class parameter, show the list of all found arch
related perl modules with non-empty inline pod, this includes
Arch::*, AXP::*, ArchZoom::* and ArchWay::* modules.