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Arch tutor - Merging, tagging

Tali sends a merge request to Muli by email, and Muli sees the changes are very useful. He registers the Tali's archive and starts to star-merge from her pipeline branch from time to time:

tla register-archive ~tali/archives/
tla missing --summary --date
tla star-merge
tla commit -s 'merge with Tali'

Now, Muli is ready to release the 0.0.1 version. He makes some tree rearangements:

mkdir bin doc
tla add bin doc
tla mv README doc/
tla mv primes bin/
tla add doc/THANKS
# hack doc/README, doc/THANKS
tla commit -s 'rearrange files and prepare to 0.0.1'

Finally, Muli tags the 0.0.1 version:

tla tag -S primes--devel--0 primes--release--0.0.1

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